Don't Ditch Your Broken Smartphone, Fix It: 'Real Money' Tells You How

From spills to cracked screens, damage to a cellphone can be costly.

ABC News recently put a few popular cellphone cases to the test but what do you do when your cell phone case fails?

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Americans have spent about $13 billion on damaged smartphones, according to Square Trade, a tech insurance company.

The company says that 30 percent of Americans will damage their iPhone in the next 12 months. And one in 10 are currently using phones with cracked screens.

It can cost $450 or more to replace a phone but before you throw your cellphone out, there are places that will repair it for about $100.

After cracking the screen on her smartphone again, Chandon Jones of New York teamed up with the "Real Money" team to drop her phone off at a Radio Shack.

This month, Radio Shack rolled out its new "Fix It Here" program, in which consumers can spend $40 to $200 to have their cellphone fixed in an hour.

And other companies are getting in on the craze as well. You can ship a phone to JCD Repair in Chicago and the company will fix it and send it back five days later for around $100. The company iCracked will even meet the cellphone owner wherever they are.

"You're actually going to end up paying probably less to get an iPhone fixed by someone than you'll pay for the deductible to the insurance company," said Matt McCormick, CEO of JCD Repair.

All of these companies offer warranties and cost about $100 on average.