Google Hires Crack Team to Police the Internet

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Google announced today it is building an all-star team of security researchers who will act like anti-hacking superheroes to protect the Internet.

Their mission: To make the Internet a safer place by searching for online bugs and hackers.

The "Project Zero" team will be tasked with trying to prevent another Heartbleed virus.

Assessing the Damage From Heartbleed

The bug left millions of users on edge earlier this year by exploiting a flaw in Open SSL software, consequently leaving private information, such as passwords and credit card information, up for grabs on sites that weren't protected.

While Google said it has a team constantly working to make sure their products are as secure as possible, the Project Zero team will be unique because it will patrol the entire Internet.

"We're not placing any particular bounds on this project and will work to improve the security of any software depended upon by large numbers of people, paying careful attention to the techniques, targets and motivations of attackers," Google said in a blog post.

Every bug will be reported to the software vendor and documented in a third-party database for transparency.

"We also commit to sending bug reports to vendors in as close to real-time as possible," Google said, "and to working with them to get fixes to users in a reasonable time."