Election 2012: Panoramic Views From Across the Country

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Obama supporters watch election results in Times Square, Nov. 6, 2012, in New York. Credit: Michael Ip/ABC News

ABC News gears up for election night at the Time Square studios in New York City. Your Voice Your Vote. Credit: Jill Belsley/ABC News

Voters wait in long lines at the Crown Heights polling station in Brooklyn, NY. Credit: Noemi de la Torre/ABC News

President Barack Obama campaigns at Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 5, 2012. Credit: Stephen Albanese/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Volunteer Courtney Bell, middle, gives instructions to volunteers at the Obama for America office, Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, in Bowling Green, Ohio. Credit: J.D. Pooley/AP Photo

ABC News photographer casts her vote at the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y. Credit: Tzirel Kaminetzky/ABC News

Voters cast ballots at the Alexander High School polling location in Albany, Ohio, Nov. 6, 2012. Credit:Ty Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images

ABC photographer gives us a 360 view of the Campos Plaza Community Center polling station in the East Village, New York, NY. Credit: Leah Latella/ABC News