Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee

Chief Meteorologist, 'Good Morning America'

Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist at ABC News, reporting on the nation’s weather on “Good Morning America” and across ABC News broadcasts and digital platforms.... Read More »

Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist at ABC News, reporting on the nation’s weather on “Good Morning America” and across ABC News broadcasts and digital platforms. Previously she was the meteorologist for “Good Morning America Weekend.” Additionally, Zee hosts an ABC News original digital series “Food Forecast.”

Since joining ABC News, Zee has covered almost every major weather event and dozens of historic storms. She broadcasted from the devastated Jersey Shore during Hurricane Sandy, the Colorado floods and wildfires, and covered the aftermath from tornadoes in Moore and El Reno, Oklahoma. In 2013, she covered extreme weather conditions ranging from the Boston blizzard to the record-breaking heat in Death Valley. In 2016, Zee covered Hurricane Matthew and its path along the east coast.

Zee’s passion does not stop with storm chasing. Her love of adventure has taken her and ABC News viewers across the world. She has gone para-hawking in Nepal, flown a drone into the fissure of a volcano in Iceland, hiked the largest cave in the world in Vietnam, para-glided from the Himalayas to the Andes, dove with sharks in the Bahamas, rappelled 27 stories down the exterior façade of the Wit Hotel in Chicago. Plus, skydiving, ice boat racing and surfing live on GMA.

Prior to joining ABC News, she was a meteorologist at NBC station WMAQ-Channel 5 in Chicago from 2006-2011, also filling in for several NBC and MSNBC News programs. Before that assignment, Zee worked at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, MI where she part of the Storm Team 8, also covering the environment, science and the impact of weather throughout West Michigan. From 2003-2005, Zee worked at WEYI NBC 25 in Flint, MI. She began her career at WLAV FM/ WXMI in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Zee, who has storm chased since college has a genuine passion for the atmosphere and a dedication to getting young people interested in science. Zee lends her voice to “Dr. Zephyr Skye” the storm chasing alien of Disney Junior’s hit show “Miles from Tomorrowland.” Additionally, Zee and her husband, Ben Aaron star in “Renovation Realities: Ben & Ginger” on DIY Network.

The Emmy Award-winning meteorologist attended Valparaiso University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in meteorology. She also served as an adjunct professor at the University from 2008-2011. Zee also holds the CBM Seal for Meteorology. She resides in New York City.

Follow Ginger on Twitter: @ginger_Zee; her Facebook Fan Page is:

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