Amelia Earhart Goggles to be Auctioned

Broken Luxor aviator goggles said to have been worn by Amelia Earhart are being auctioned and may fetch over $32,000, according to The Guardian. Also to be auctioned are eighteen unseen photographs of Earhart as she prepared for her 1937 round the world attempt, during which she disappeared.

Earhart’s instructor, Neta Snook, owned the goggles after Earhart’s plane came down during a lesson  at Goodyear Field in California in 1921. While Earhart was the first female to complete a solo trans-Atlantic flight in 1928, Snook was a notable female aviator, or aviatrix, also. Snook was the first aviatrix to have her own aviation business and wrote the book “I Taught Amelia to Fly,” published by Vantage Press in 1974.

Clars auction gallery in California eventually obtained the goggles and the photos.

Portrait of American aviator Amelia Earhart (1898 - 1937) sitting in the cockpit of her plane. (New York Times Co./Getty Images)


Broken luxor aviator goggles said to have been worn by Earhart. (Clars Auction GalleryHandout)


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