Bank of America Customer Locked Inside Branch

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A customer is suing Bank of America after he was allegedly locked inside a local branch during a bomb scare, according to Courthouse News Service.

In the case of John Caughman versus Bank of America, Caughman alleges the bank failed to notify him of the danger and evacuations after a trip to the bank resulted in him being locked inside.

Caughman, who was in the safety deposit room area at the New Britain, Conn., branch, was unaware of the evacuation notices when he exited into the banking area. Instead, he discovered an empty bank that was surrounded by cops and the doors were locked. A bewildered Caughman called 911 and was told not to touch anything. A short time later, an operator called to inform him there was a bomb threat at the bank, according to Courthouse News Service.

“We are aware of the lawsuit but cannot comment on ongoing litigation,” a spokesperson for Bank of America told ABCNews.

The amount of time Caughman was locked inside the bank is unclear but the lawsuit alleges it was sizable.  “(P)laintiff was locked within the building for a considerable length of time until a police officer opened the front door and brought the plaintiff out of the building,” the complaint states, according to Courthouse News Service.

What is also unclear is how the plaintiff was unable to hear the sirens and the bomb squad if the bank was surrounded.

The attorney for Caughman, Steven DeMoura, wrote in an email to, “I am sorry, but it is the policy of our firm to not discuss our client’s cases with the media.  I wish I could be more helpful.”

But, according to Courthouse News Service, after exiting the bank safely he was subjected to taunts by the bank employees including “we forgot you were in there.” It’s these alleged exchanges that  caused Caughman additional emotional distress.  Caughman is suing the bank for emotional distress and false imprisonment, according to Courthouse News Service.

According to the complaint obtained by Courthouse News Service, the bank was evacuated after a Bank of America employee reported a suspicious briefcase. Caughman is seeking punitive damages for negligence, false imprisonment and emotional distress, plus costs and medical expenses, according to Courthouse News Service.


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