Bank of America Site Continues to Experience Delays

For the second consecutive business day, the Bank of America homepage is down, following spotty service this weekend.

Bank reps have insisted that it’s not down because of hackers or malware, but because of  traffic. That server-busting traffic by some of BofA’s 29 million online customers immediately followed the bank’s announcement of a $5 monthly fee it was imposing for debit card usage. Time magazine’s blog implied much of that traffic was heading toward  the exit, calling the debit card fee a “New-Coke level blunder.”

A BofA spokesperson told ABC News Monday afternoon that “Online banking is not down. Most customers are able to bank. We have simply taken some proactive measures to manage customer traffic during peak hours during the day, which may result in some customers experiencing slowness or access issues.”

There’s no way to tell how many BofA customers are actually closing their accounts (or if that is indeed what’s happening). But either the bank is under attack by hackers or by an army of its own unwitting customers.

There is another crucial barometer of the bank’s current well-being: its stock price. BofA stock has sunk to its lowest level since March 2009, down 9 percent today after dropping 3.5 percent Friday – losing more than $7 billion in market value in two days of trading. (Might not be debit fee backlash — the whole banking sector is collapsing today.)

ABCNews’ Dan Arnall contributed to this report.

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