“Cash of the Titans”

So, why would two multi-billionaires come head-to-head in court? And just how much money is up for grabs in this court case between the two financial giants?

Roman Abramovich (Russian businessman) faces former mentor Boris Berezovsky (an exiled Russian oligarch) in court today, after claims that Abramovich blackmailed Berzezovsky into selling his shares in the oil comglomorate Sibneft for a fraction of their true worth.

Abramovich entered the witness box wearing a blue tie and headphones to listen to the the translation, although I’m sure Berezovsky would have seen him as a large walking $ sign. The two have been reported as being very cold towards one another, ignoring each other across the court room, and for good reason, as $5 bn is on the line. Just to put it into perspective, that’s enough money to buy 1,200 Bugatti Veyrons sports cars, or to build more than 15 of your own Titanics, or even to build 20 of your own personal Statues of Liberty in your back yard.

In fact that’s probably so much money that if you had it in your bank account, it could well even make your credit card too heavy to carry!

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