Jobs Recovery Long Time Off in Some States

Regional economists from respected analytics firm IHS Global Insight have compiled their predictions as to when states will return to their “peak” level of employment (the high-water mark we all enjoyed during the boom years).

Oil boom state North Dakota got back to its peak level in the first quarter of 2010. Alaska crossed the mark in the third quarter of 2010. Unlucky Michigan, Rhode Island and Nevada are literally off the chart – economists are only willing to say they’ll be back sometime after 2017.

IHS Global Insight

Here’s the state by state breakdown:

State — Expected recovery (year/qtr) AL 2016Q1 AK 2010Q3 AZ 2016Q2 AR 2014Q1 CA 2016Q2 CO 2014Q4 CT 2016Q4 DE 2016Q2 DC 2010Q2 FL 2016Q3 GA 2016Q2 HI 2015Q2 ID 2015Q2 IL 2015Q3 IN 2015Q3 IA 2014Q1 KS 2014Q4 KY 2014Q3 LA 2013Q4 ME 2015Q3 MD 2014Q2 MA 2013Q4 MI past 2017 MN 2014Q2 MS 2015Q3 MO 2015Q3 MT 2014Q1 NE 2012Q3 NV past 2017 NH 2014Q3 NJ 2015Q3 NM 2015Q2 NY 2013Q2 NC 2015Q3 ND 2010Q1 OH 2016Q4 OK 2013Q3 OR 2015Q3 PA 2013Q4 RI past 2017 SC 2015Q2 SD 2012Q4 TN 2015Q1 TX 2012Q1 UT 2013Q4 VT 2013Q4 VA 2014Q3 WA 2014Q4 WV 2013Q3 WI 2014Q4 WY 2014Q3

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