Free Botox, Circus Acts Lure Buyers at Open Houses for Million-Dollar Listings

In this tough real estate market, even in Beverly Hills, Calif., the home of the super-rich, the phrase  “location, location, location” just isn’t enough when it comes to making a sale.

So real estate agents are pulling out all the stops to sell their multimillion-dollar listings, even including circus performers and giveaways of Botox at their open houses.

“Part of the rule, these days, is attracting people to the house. .. ,” real estate agent Mike Gardner told “Good Morning America.”

At one recent open house, Botox was one of the draws.

“We raffled off about $300 worth of Botox, which I think gets you about 23 units, which I hear is enough to get rid of the two elevens on the forehead in front of your eyes,” Gardner said.

One Tuscan-style palazzo on the market for $8.5 million has it all – including famous neighbors  like Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone and Denzel Washington, and several of the richer stars of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

And in this market, competition for the attention of the 1 percent crowd is fiercer than ever. So agent Nikki Hochstein went big. Very big.

“It was crazy,” Hochstein said. “We had a big food truck — a big food truck, we had the new Audi A8 for people to give test rides.  We had Thai foot massages by the pool.”

Real-estate-agent-to-the-stars Joe Babajian recently had a blockbuster open house too – complete with acrobats, people on stilts and contortionists.

The event was a success.

“We leased it immediately after that,” Babajian said.

Buyers’ agents are pulling out the stops too. Ben Salem shows his high-end clients around by helicopter.

“The clients feel like they are the kings for the day or the queens for the day.  Roll up their car to the helipad, and you know, have a nice dinner afterwards,” Salem said.

With million-dollar commissions at stake, they say the effort is definitely worth it.

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