Leaked 901 Tequila Video Shows Jessica Biel’s Brother Chastising Justin Timberlake

A video showing Justin Biel, the brother of actress Jessica Biel and a former employee of 901 Tequila , was released this week showing Biel chastising his sister's former flame Justin Timberlake for failing to make his Tequila brand a success.

But it's just a joke. Maybe.

The video,  which was originally posted by TMZ, shows a man who definitely bears a resemblance to Jessica Biel, the "7 th Heaven" star, giving an introduction from an apartment.

"Hello, my name is Justin Biel and I'm coming to you live from the West Coast corporate office of 901 Silver Tequila, also referred to as my sh*tty one bedroom apartment," he says.

"Now you may have heard 901 Silver Tequila is the brand owned by Justin Timberlake, and if you're wondering about the Biel-Timberlake connection, yes, I am Jessica Biel's brother.  [Which] is probably the only reason why I got this f*$king job in the first place, " he states into the camera with two bottles of the Mexican tequila on either side of him.

He then launches into a ramble about the brand's lack of success:

"So we've been getting a lot of work done at 901 Silver Tequila, sales dropped drastically from last year. 'Way to go, sales team,'" he says. " Our distribution partners still couldn't give two f*&^s about the brand-repping Patron all the way and give us the good ole' fist up the a**. Always a good time."

The self-defined "D-list" celebrity goes on to beg the "Sexy Back" singer to increase the brand presence of the tequila. Apparently, having the singer's photo on the small talk section of the 901 Website just isn't enough.

The video, which the company says was intended to be a part of a series, was leaked weeks after Biel left 901 Tequila to pursue other opportunities and move to Colorado. Biel's resignation was amicable, according to a company spokesperson.

What was not agreed upon was the date of release for the video.

"Justin Biel's video was intended to be part a series of videos created by 901 Tequila employees (including the brand owner) as a part of a larger marketing campaign slated for the end of December," said Stephanie Fray, a spokesperson for 901 Tequila.

"It was released prematurely without our knowledge and prior to the final edit," according to Fray.

A call to Justin Biel was not returned. Calls to representatives for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were also not immediately returned.

There's no telling what would have been taken out of the video if it wasn't leaked. But, in the unedited version, the twentysomething  definitely makes Timberlake the butt of some of his jokes stating: "901 Tequila is gotd**n exclusive our own CEO doesn't even drink it."

The tequila brand takes its name from the area code of Timberlake's hometown Memphis, Tenn., according to People magazine. And, according to Timberlake, who launched the brand two years ago,  "901 is that time of night when your evening is ending, but your night is just beginning."

In the video, Biel also offers some suggested tag lines for the brand such as:

"901 tequila, f**k patron."

"901 tequila, it tastes like vodka."

"901 tequila, I heard that Steve Jobs used to drink it."

While the company may not adopt any of the lines for branding purposes, it's clear that Justin Biel no longer has to worry how the brand markets itself.

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