B of A Rejects Checks From Bride Who Kept Last Name

A newlywed couple in Albany, N.Y.,  ran into everything but a honeymoon when Bank of America refused to let a bride who kept her last name cash their gift checks.

Pete Iorizzo, news and sports writer for the Albany Times-Union newspaper, and his wife received some checks as wedding gifts made out to "Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iorizzo."

Iorizzo said he endorsed the checks, specified "for deposit only" on them and gave them to his wife to deposit into their joint account.

After she went to a local Bank of America branch and handed them to a teller, he said she was denied. Iorizzo told ABC News his wife had her driver's license.

The bank said there was no way around the dilemma, even rejecting their offer for a copy of their marriage license, according to Iorizzo.

"We offered to return together with a copy of our marriage license, but the branch manager told us that it wouldn't help," he said.

He said one bank employee even said, "Mrs. Peter Iorizzo does not exist." The couple were told their checks were void and they would have to request new checks from their guests.

A spokeswoman for Bank of America said she could not discuss customer accounts.

Iorizzo said he called the bank the following day and spoke to an assistant manager then a manager who gave them the same answer. The manager said a family member also chose not to change her name but requested that anyone writing a check as a gift make it out to "Cash."

The problem was eventually worked around after two days and frustrating phone calls when his wife drove to another branch and cashed the checks without incident, he said. That teller noticed the checks were from a wedding and said, "Congratulations."

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