Pizza Manager Used iPhone to Watch Employee Undress, Cops Say

VIDEO: Texas police say Charles Ewing filmed employee changing her clothes.

A 28-year-old pizza manager in Rockwall, Texas, is accused of using a cell phone to secretly record at least one female employee undressing in a changing room at the Papa Murphy's franchise.

Charles Ewing was arrested after a teenage employee spied a phone in an area designated as a dressing room area at the Ridge Road location.

The  teenage victim sent a text to her dad, who then called police. While at the scene Ewing allowed detectives to view his phone, which included footage of the victim in the dressing area changing clothes. Ewing was arrested on the scene.

"He had taken his iPhone and propped it up on a shelf of some kind in the dressing room,"  Sgt. Jeff Welch told  "You can see in the background that it is the employee dressing room."

According to police, the iPhone  shows the young woman in a state of undress a little below the shoulders.

"[Charles Ewing] was fired immediately, and the incident has been turned over to the authorities. The franchise owner of that store is working closely with the victim and store employees to ensure they feel comfortable in the work environment," Lindsi Taylor, director of corporate communications for Papa Murphy's said in a statement.

"What you see is the female victim changing her clothes," Welch, the public information officer at Rockwall Police Department, told  WFAA-TV.

"She leaves the frame for a few minutes. She comes back into the frame and at this point she apparently sees the phone hidden on a shelf up there. She picks it and looks at it and ends up turning it off," Welch continued.

The police are investigating whether others were recorded in this way.

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Ewing faces up to two years in the penitentiary and was released on $15,000 bond on Sunday. He is charged with a felony for improper visual recording.

The 18-year-old victim has not been identified.

"She's a very private person and she's devastated. I can only imagine what that's like. Pretty horrible,"  a relative of the victim told WFAA-TV.

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