LA Banker Arrested In Window-Breaking Spree


Michael Poret, a 58-year-old investment adviser who works on upscale Rodeo Drive, has been arrested in connection with a rash of window smashes along the Ventura Boulevard corridor, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Poret is allegedly responsible for a string of broken windows dating as far back as the beginning of the year, the LAPD said in a statement today. Police allege he used a slingshot and other weapons to shoot windows in numerous buildings with marbles and nuts. The suspect, wearing white gloves, would pull up in a silver SUV and fire the objects, often from the opposite side of the wide avenues.

While no motive has been listed for the series of attacks, LAPD Det. Luie Velasquez told the Los Angeles Times, "for whatever reason, these individuals get some kind of thrill from smashing windows."

The suspect would allegedly strike when streets were most empty, according to LAPD. "Most of the crimes occurred along Ventura Boulevard between Haskell Avenue and Balboa Boulevard, but stretched from Sherman Oaks to Woodland Hills. The majority of incidents happened during hours of darkness, in the early morning or late evening," LAPD said in a statement.

According to the LAPD, the vandalism of local businesses had begun to pick up in recent months. When the detectives searched the home of Poret, they unearthed evidence, including a slingshot, BB guns, firearms, marbles and other items that were similar to what was used to shatter the windows of businesses in the area.

Poret, who is being held at Van Nuys jail on $60,000 bail, is an unusual suspect.

On his Linkedin account, Poret holds the position vice president of investments at UBS Financial Services, where he has worked since June 2008. He is listed as a 1976 graduate of San Diego State University-California State University.

Attempts to reach Poret via phone and Facebook for comment were unsuccessful.

"Mr. Poret has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the police investigation," a spokesperson for UBS said in statement to ABC News.

Poret was booked by police for felony vandalism.

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