How to Save Money on Your Children

Let's face it, kids are expensive. A recent study suggests that you can spend an average of $14,000 in the first five years of having your little one, and it doesn't get any cheaper as they get older. So instead of over-spending on items you don't need, we have found ways to condense your spending on the little tykes in your family.

Alison Bernstein, editor of, shows us items that are cost-efficient and can actually grow up with your child.

Chicco Travel System

The Chicco travel system is a great solution for parents. Instead of splurging on an expensive car seat and stroller separately, this is a two-in-one car seat and stroller for only $300 that can grow up with your child.

Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty

Potty-training your child can be quite the tedious task. But at least you can eliminate the pricey cost of buying a booster seat for the toilet, a step stool and a training potty for the different phases of the process. Here is the Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty on Amazon that takes care of all three steps in one for only $17.97.

Smart Trike 3-in-1 Lady Bug Tricycle

Instead of spending loads on a tricycle for your child to troll around, in addition to a separate stroller with built-in umbrella, you can get this Smart Trike 3-in-1 Lady Bug Tricycle with all those amenities rolled into one for only $129.00. It's a great product to keep your child smiling and out of the sun.

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