Made in America: Bibbitec

Bibbitec was created by Susie Taylor and her husband, Steve, after a messy plane ride with their kids.

"My kids were a mess, I was a mess and I had nothing left but wet stick gross clothes," Taylor said.

In the moment of desperation, Taylor used her husbands fitness shirt to clean up the mess and noticed something remarkable. The shirt didn't stain and it didn't smell, and with that a Miami Shores, Fla.-based bib business was born.

Taylor looked all across America for non-toxic fitness material and began testing them on her kids. After finding the right material, she started making the bibs herself and selling them on the Internet.

She says one of the most important things for her is making sure the bibs continue to be made in America.

"For me, the stuff that I bought from China, the toxins that my kids were sucking on, I couldn't morally do that," Taylor said.

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