Bentley's Newest Car Aimed at Workaholics

Bentley's newest model, the Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept, is every businessperson's dream.

The luxury car features three TVs, built in Wi-Fi and two iPads and keyboards that fold up from a tray table.

Overall, the car houses six screens to help drivers keep in touch while on the road.

The 15.6-inch high-def TV is "backed by the processing power of both an on board hard drive and an Apple Mac computer housed in a bespoke boot drawer," according to Bentley marketing material, and is attached at the front of the vehicle.

Two smaller TVs are built into the headrests, while an iPod sits near the center console, allowing drivers to play music and control the entertainment system all at once.

There is also a telephone inside the armrest.

The Mulsanne, a fully connected mobile office, was last shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and even though Bentley hasn't released a price for the concept, the original Mulsanne costs £202,000 ($325,000).

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