Taste Test: $5 Burger vs. $295 Burger

VIDEO: The ABC News correspondent tested five burgers, from a $5 fast-food staple to a $295 gourmet burger.

ABC News' Astrid Rodrigues and Glenn Ruppel report:

"You get what you pay for" is a reliable truism. But does the price of a hamburger define how satisfying it is? A $35 filet mignon at a deluxe steakhouse will be better than a $14 steak at a diner, but does the simplicity and informality of the hamburger trump the pure quality of beef and other ingredients used?

ABC News Correspondent Amy Robach recently took a blind taste test to help answer these questions. She tasted five specimens found in New York City:

  1. $4.55 cheap and popular local burger (Shake Shack's Shack Burger)
  2. $5 fast-food chain burger (McDonald's Big Mac)
  3. $7.99 chain family restaurant burger (Outback Steakhouse's Outback Burger)
  4. $20 upscale restaurant burger (The Spotted Pig's Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort and Shoestrings)
  5. $295 exotic luxury burger (Serendipity 3's Le Burger Extravagant).

Watch the video clip, vote below and watch the full story - and find out which burger won the taste test - on "20/20: The Real Dish" Friday at 10 ET.

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