Bumbling Burglar Viral Video Used to Sell Pastrami

VIDEO: Man walks to door with face uncovered, then trips and falls as he runs away.

It's not a typical suspect's attire: pajama pants, a deep v-neck and pantyhose over his head.

That's possibly why footage of a man's failed burglary attempt of a Northern California grocery store went viral, and now the owner is looking to reap the benefits.

"Kent's Meats and Groceries' award-winning New York-style pastrami: So good, some people will do just about anything to get more," says the advertisement (watch it here). Then, the suspect is shown throwing a rock at the store's window and stumbling away from the scene.

The store has been doing business in Redding, Calif., for almost 35 years, selling organic produce, meats and sandwiches.

"We decided we might as well reap the benefits," Kent Pfrimmer, owner of Kent's Meats and Groceries, told ABC News. "The main thing was as long as people still enjoy watching it and get a laugh out of it, that's great. We can promote with the advertisement."

The video has gained much momentum since the crime happened more than a month ago, gaining more than six million views on YouTube and hundreds of laughs on late-night television shows.

"I wouldn't call him a world's meanest criminal, by any means," Pfrimmer told ABC News. "To me, it was comical."

Pfrimmer decided to roll out his advertisement several days ago and it has generated an overwhelming response from the community.

"For $500 - that's what I spent to fix the glass - I got about $500,000 in publicity for it. How could you be unhappy?"

While calls to the Redding Police were not returned, Pfrimmer said they have yet to identify the suspect.

"I really feel that have many more important things to try to take care of," said Pfrimmer.

As for the advertisement, Pfrimmer said he doesn't plan on having it up forever, just as long as the public gets a laugh.

"Once people get tired of it," it will come down, he said. "I don't want to ride a good horse to death."

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