Hyundai Car Salesman Knows How to Boogie

VIDEO: Car Salesman Busts a Move

If the car sales business doesn't work out for Joe Barzelay, at least he knows he has a fallback.

The sales manager at Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Ala., has become a viral sensation after a video of his killer dance moves was posted on YouTube earlier this month.

Titled "Not Your Average Joe," the video is a 20-second treasure of Barzelay, dressed in a tie and khakis, emerging from between two cars in the showroom to do, well, a little bit of every dance you could imagine.

Barzelay's dance breakout session was recorded Friday, Oct. 18, by his co-worker Charles Matthews just as a commercial shoot was winding down at the dealership.

"We had a bunch of kid dancers in the dealership doing their thing for the commercial," Matthews said. "I looked over and noticed Joseph kind of out of view doing his own thing, and I said, 'Hold up. What is he doing?'"

At that point, Barzelay, 43, walked over to the kids and told them they weren't really dancing "like it should be done," according to Matthews.

"So at that point everybody stopped and turned around and we turned some music on someone's iPhone," Matthews said. "I was the only person recording it because I was going to use it as fuel later because I thought it was going to be sad."

Instead, Barzelay, who has one daughter, wowed the whole dealership with his dance moves, most of all the young kids brought in for the commercial shoot.

"The kids were like, 'Unbelievable,' Matthews said. "It took everybody by storm."

"We always heard him say, 'I got a little groove,' but not like that," he said.

Matthews posted the clip on YouTube as an easy way for the dealership's 15-person sales team and other employees to catch their co-worker's surprising moves.

The YouTube clip now has more than 100,000 views and may turn Barzelay into a commercial star himself.

"The commercial producer might merge some of the YouTube clip into it," said Matthews, who spoke for Barzelay, as he was busy selling cars.

"He's kind of shook up about it, but he seems pretty fine with it," Matthews said of the attention on Barzelay.

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