Tax Tip: Skip the Stamps! File Electronically

(Credit: Thomas J Peterson/Getty Images)

If you typically mail in your tax returns, you may want to reconsider this year.

"I can't imagine, why, if you're allowed to e-file, why you wouldn't," tax accountant Janice Hayman told ABC News Radio. "Paper returns are going the way of the dodo bird."

Last year, more than 120 million taxpayers ditched paper forms and e-filed with the Internal Revenue Service - using either tax software or filing through a tax preparer.

E-filing helps cut down on mistakes and gets your refund to you quicker, said Eric Smith of the IRS.

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"Most people who file electronically get their refunds in three weeks or less and if you choose direct deposit, you can cut that down even more," Smith said.

And that means you don't have to check your mailbox every day looking for your money, Hayman said.

"There were several taxpayers that I know that were chasing down refund checks last year and they had to be reissued. So I think direct deposit is a better approach," she said.

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