Where Did I Park? Google Knows

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Google, aspiring to be ever more helpful, can now remind you where you parked your car.

A feature of Google Now keeps track of your motion - provided you've enabled it. When you park your car and proceed on foot, it notes your change in speed, and assumes that you've parked. It notes your location. If later in the day you forget where you left your car, it reminds you.

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The feature does not distinguish between different means of transit: If you disembark from a friend's car, or a bus, or a taxi, it reads your change in speed as your having "parked."

Parking guru David Labua, founder of VoicePark, a service that guides motorists to the nearest available parking spot, thinks Google Now has come up with a useful feature - at least for those one or two occasions every year where you realize you've misplaced your car.

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Google has expressed interest in VoicePark and in other services that could help a driver find the nearest available parking space, Labua said.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to ABC News today that Google Now is looking into that and many other enhancements.

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