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????ABC News' Eileen Murphy reports:

"Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts had wonderful time hosting "Oscar's Red Carpet Live" at the 83rd Academy Awards.

 "Everyone was so gracious and it was just terrific to be there when [the chorus from New York City elementary school] P.S. 22 got such a great reception and see these bona fide superstars getting their pre-show jitters," said Roberts, who interviewed the nominees before the big show in a J Mendel dress.

Roberts caught up with Best-Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo backstage after the actress dropped the F-bomb during her acceptance speech. She told Robin she was mortified.

"I can't believe I did that," Leo said.

Mark Walberg thanked Robin for her early call on "The Fighter."

"He came right up to me and said, 'When the movie came out you were one of the first to say it was a winner,'" Roberts recalled.

And apparently it is. The two big acting awards of the night so far have gone to the film — Melissa Leo and Christian Bale in the supporting actor categories.

Roberts joined Tim Gunn, Krista Smith and Maria Menounos for this year's pre-show of red-carpet arrivals. More from Robin Roberts at the Oscars tomorrow on "Good Morning America."

ABC News' Sheila Marikar reports:

8:36pm PT: "The Kings Speech" took the top prize of the night, winning best picture after scooping up awards for best actor, best director and best original screenplay. Producers thanked Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and the rest of the cast, calling them "acting royalty."

8:28pm PT: Best actor winner Colin Firth made one of the most obvious allusions to nasuea in Oscar history after accepting his award for "The King's Speech." "Now if you'll all excuse me," he said, "I have some impulses to attend to backstage." UPDATE, 9:32pm PT: He wasn't talking about nausea. It was more of "Happy Feet" sort of impulse. "Anyone who's seen 'Mamma Mia will know what I'm talking about," Firth said backstage.

8:17pm PT: Natalie Portman scored the best actress Oscar for her role as a tormented ballerina in "Black Swan." Her voice cracked with emotion throughout her acceptance speech. She singled out her parents for "showing her to be a good human being by example" and her fiance, Benjamin Millepied, for giving her the most important role of her life — a soon-to-be mom.

???? 7:44pm PT: It's been a night of Jacks and Jills of all trades. First, James Franco. Then, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow crooned "Coming Home" from her movie, "Country Song" prior to the presentation of the Oscar for best original song. ("We Belong Together," from "Toy Story 3," won.)

7:10pm PT: Christian Bale almost missed the Oscars. Backstage, the "Fighter" co-star and best supporting actor winner revealed that he did a bit of drinking before the show, presuming things would be fine if he showed up a few minutes late. Things were not: "They wouldn't let me in. I was literally banging on the door … Now I know in case I ever make it back here."

6:50pm PT: Aaron Sorkin, winner of the best adapted screenplay Oscar for "The Social Network," mused about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg backstage: "Mark, I think he's been an awfully good sport about all this. I don't think anyone here would want a movie made about the things that they did when they were 19-years-old."

6:38pm PT: After accepting the Oscar for best original screenplay for "The King's Speech," David Seidler mused about what the award means to him: "A fairly high ranking person called me the other day and wanted to talk ex-stutterer to ex-stutterer … I've been flooded with the most wonderful emails and text messages from my fellow sutterers. Because, I'm still a stutterer. … To have these people tell me their personal stories really moves me to tears."

6:25pm PT: James Franco in drag. Clearly, the Academy's uptight reputation has been undone.

6:30pm PT: Christian Bale accepting best supporting actor #Oscar for "The Fighter:" "I'm not going to drop the F-bomb like [Melissa] did."

6:22pm PT: Melissa Leo backstage, talking about her accidental expletive: "Those words, I apologize to anyone that they offend. There's a great deal of the English language that's in my vernacular."

5:58pm PT: Melissa Leo was almost speechless when she scored the first major award of the night, best supporting actress for "The Fighter." After asking presenter Kirk Douglas to pinch her to make sure the moment was real, Leo said she was "shaking in her boots" and breathed, "Yeah. I am kind of speechless." The she dropped an expletive that got bleeped by the show's producers (oops).

5:50pm PT: 94-year-old Kirk Douglas just gave Anne Hathaway her first red-faced moment of the night. Introducing the nominees for best supporting actress, he called her gorgeous and wondered aloud: "Where were you when I was making pictures?"

5:48pm PT: It seems the Oscar hosts can hardly believe where they are tonight. On stage, Anne Hathaway opened with, "Oh my gosh, you're all real. OK, this is actually happening!"

She and Franco seized the moment by poking fun at the Academy's decision to go with hosts from young Hollywood (Hathaway to Franco: "And you look very appealing to a younger demographic as well!") and calling out their relatives. Hathaway shouted out to her mom, Franco to his grandmother, who observed, "I just saw Marky Mark!"

5:35pm PT: Hosting the Oscars is a dream for many people in Hollywood. So it makes sense that Anne Hathaway and James Franco opened the 2011 Oscars with a parody of "Inception's" dream world that rocketed them into many of the movies nominated for best picture. Alec Baldwin, one of last year's hosts, joined them for part of the journey before they slipped into "sleep:" "Ambien! Don't mind if I do. Psst, Anne — the secret to hosting the Ohssscars …" (He nodded off after that.)

Hathaway broke out a Bah-stan accent and a sick right hook for her rendition of "The Figher;" the "True Grit" portion of the intro found her and Franco on horses next to Jeff Bridges. In the "Black Swan" bit, Hathaway bungled "The Dance of the Brown Duck" to hilarious effect.

Franco summed up the montage thusly: "I think this might be even more confusing than 'Inception.'" But it was funny, too. 

5:26pm PT: It's the night every movie-lover's been waiting for: the 83rd annual Academy Awards. is live-blogging the action from backstage. Refresh this page and/or scroll up to view the latest news on winners, losers, and what's happening at the Oscars. 

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