Pop-Up Video Returns to VH1: The ’90s Are Back!

First MTV announced the return of alternative music staple " 120 Minutes," and now VH1 is undergoing its own  ’90s flashback with the return of “Pop-Up Video.”

After a 10-year hiatus, the network will produce 60 new episodes of the beloved music trivia show, which airs music videos peppered with wry info bubbles and commentary that pop in and out of the video — like how long the shoot for REM’s “Losing My Religion” lasted (9 hours!) and what was Billy Idol’s nickname on the set for “Cradle of Love” (Stumpy!).

The new “Pop-Up” will be faithful to the original concept, but will include rap and hip-hop, which were originally off limits to the network because of MTV’s “ownership” of the genres. The resurrected show will also take advantage of new trends that have emerged since its premiere in 1996.

“Our audience has a particular nostalgia for “Pop Up Videos,” but they’re also seeking more information on multiple platforms,” Jeff Olde, VH1's executive vice president of original programming and production, told The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re [using social networking] to create their own pop-ups in a way. So we can hit the nostalgia beat but also have it feel like it’s relevant and current.”

Rumors of the return of “Pop-Up” have percolated since last month, when ABC's “ Good Morning America” crew did their own “Pop-Up Video.”

– Ryan Creed, ABC News.


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