Charlie Sheen to Leno: ‘I Would Have Fired Me Too’

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen told Jay Leno he deserved to be fired from Two and a Half Men.

A calmer Charlie Sheen told “The Tonight Show’s” Jay Leno Thursday that if he were a producer on the hit show “Two And a Half Men,”  he would have given himself the ax.

“I would have fired me too,” the surprisingly humble Sheen told Leno during an appearance on the show Thursday night.

The actor, who made a reported $2 million per episode of the hit sitcom, was fired in March following a media blitz during which he claimed to be a “rock star from Mars” who cured himself of drug addiction “with the power of my mind.”

Of that period, Sheen calmly admitted to Leno, “It was like a runaway train… I said some things that were pretty out there.”

“I realized that I was pretty much losing,” he admitted.

Sheen also disclosed to the ”Tonight” host that he thought he would continue “winning,” despite his public antics.

“I thought I could come back, kind of like you did,” Sheen told Leno, to which the late night comic replied “At least one of us got the job back.”

The “Tonight” show interview follows Sheens’ highly publicized Comedy Central roast, which was taped last week. The show will air following Ashton Kutcher’s debut on “Two and a Half Men” on Sept. 19.

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