Elvis Presley Reflects on Love, Loneliness in Unseen Vintage Interview

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It was 1956. The year Elvis Presley would be crowned the King of Rock and Roll and go on to sell 10 million singles and 3 million records.

On the verge of superstardom, Presley, then 21, recorded an interview on the set of the movie “Love Me Tender” that has been unearthed, where he candidly reflects on love, loneliness and what his future would hold.

“Am I in love? No, I thought I’d been in love, but I guess I wasn’t, it just passed over. I guess I haven’t met the girl yet,” he says in the recordings. “But I will, and I hope I won’t be too long, because I get lonesome sometimes.”

The never-before-heard recordings will be released Sept. 27 as part of RCA/Legacy’s new Elvis Presley box set “Young Man with the Big Beat,” and capture musings from a legend in the making, including his hopes to settle down one day.

“Well I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink, and I love to go to movies,” he says. “Maybe someday I’m going to have a home and a family of my own.”

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Presley also defends the dance moves that went on to define his career.

“I guess the first thing people want to know is why I can’t stand still when I’m singing. Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people just sway back and forth. I just sort of do ‘em all together I guess.”

The recordings, a recovered gem from the world of music, gives fans a window into the kind of man Presley was.

“I sure appreciate you listening to my RCA Victor records,” the icon says, singing off. “And I’d like to thank all the disc jockeys for playing, bye bye.”



RCA/Legacy's New Elvis Presley box set.

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