Pippa Middleton Finally Fit for Fashion Faux Pas

After months of flawless fashion flair Pippa Middleton has finally faltered.   Attending London Fashion Week’s Alice Temperley show with the likes of Peaches Geldoff and Rosario Dawson, the paparazzi-prized sister of the Dutchess of Cambridge was caught in a too-short-for-comfort mini-dress.  It was clear that her hemline was causing her some concern, as much as she tried to look like it wasn’t.

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Pippa and designer Alice  Temperley have been close.  Temperley designed the beautiful and plunging emerald green dress that Pippa wore to the rehersal for Kate and William’s wedding. It was the second time in a week that Pippa stepped out and stepped into it because of her fashion choices.  While attending the wedding of her college friend, Hattie Dawson (to  Humphrey Bowles) in Britain on Sept. 17, 2011,  Pippa wore “a clingy, knee-length silk green dress and a black feather fascinator plus strappy suede high-heel pumps,” according to U.S. Weekly Magazine.



British papers report that “green has long been considered bad luck to wear to wedding ceremonies,”  citing the the adage “weddings and green should never be seen.”  Well we can’t always get it right.  Pippa usually does.

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