Breakdown of H&M’s ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’-Inspired Collection

While fictional character Lisbeth Salander’s black, shaved mop-top haircut might not launch a global fashion trend, her style already has.

H&M announced Wednesday it is launching a 30-piece collection inspired by the anti-heroine in David Fincher’s upcoming film, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – a movie adapted from the first novel in Stieg Larsson’s international best-selling crime trilogy.

Trish Summerville, the costume designer for the film, who developed actress Rooney Mara’s look for playing Salander, created the Capsule collection for the Swedish clothing retailer and gave ABC News an exclusive breakdown of what will be in the new collection:

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Leather motorcycle jackets

“It’s a really small Capsule collection. We tried to just do a few bits and pieces from every aspect so you can have an overall feel,” Summerville said. “We definitely have a leather jacket because [Salander] has a couple leather jackets in the film.”

A long, wool overcoat “with a really exaggerated hood.”

Long, draped cardigans

“They have a drop-needle effect,” Summerville said. ”It looks like there’s holes in sections, but it’s kind of a controlled hole. It won’t, you know, keep fraying.”

T-shirt collection

“There’s a couple t-shirts that have some of the Swedish proverbs we’re using on the posters,” Summerville said. ”We have a shredded t-shirt that’s really worn in and shredded.”

Edgy twist on H&M’s classic “sqin” jeans

“It’s a jean they run all the time in a particular shape, but we did it in a washed out, very, very soft to the hand … like an off-black,” Summerville said. ”[We] really just shredded the front of the leg and the backs of the heels.”

Faux leather pants

“It’s faux leather with a stretch to it, so they fit really nice and tight and give you a really good silhouette,” Summerville said.

Three different shoes

“We have a really thick, chunky, platform boot that has these studs that go down the back heel, and … they look like subdural piercings,” Summerville said.  “So the studs are all done underneath the leather, so you don’t really see the actual silver stud, so you just see the shape of– It’s kind of spiny looking.”

She added, “We did a great girls’ tennis shoe that is over-sized, has a zipper inside, really puffy and padded, a really worn-out distressed elephant-grey color.”

Accessories: a pair of earrings, one belt and a bracelet that doubles as a choker.

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