Could Giant Slipper Story Be a ‘Monster’ PR Stunt?

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So have you heard the one about the man who ordered a size 14.5 slipper and got a size 1,450 instead?

As the story goes, Tom Boddingham of England has oddly sized feet and ordered a pair of monster claw-themed slippers, one in size extra-large and the other in a custom size 14.5. But when the slippers arrived, the larger one was the size of a small car.

A photo of Boddingham sitting in the shoe  has been making the rounds on the Web.

The company, Monster Slippers, said on its website that its factory made a mistake when it set out to fill Boddingham’s special order.

“They messed up and didn’t notice the decimal point, so here we are with [a]blinking great slipper that’s equivalent to a size 1,450!” it posted on its blog.

The post further explained that “Our lovely Mr. Xie” at the factory thought nothing of the unusual size because “he figured it was a sample for a shop window display.”

But is any of this true? Or is it just one monster-sized publicity stunt?

Turns out the latter may be true.

According to several published reports, Boddingham apparently bears a very strong resemblance to Joseph Jennings, Monster’s website manager.

But Monster is denying reports of any monkey business.

Danny Jennings, director of Monster Slippers, said there’s nothing tall about this tale.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, Jennings said: “Have you ever been to China? Lots gets lost in communications. This was one of those situations.”

What do you think?

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