Kelsey Grammer May Seek Gag Order on Ex-Wife Camille

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Kelsey Grammer and ex-wife Camille Grammer, who went through one of the nastiest Hollywood divorces in recent memory, are headed back to court again over her exposure of their two children to paparazzi.

The former star of “Frasier” and “Cheers” is reportedly going to ask a family judge to issue a gag order that will keep Camille, an ex-Playboy model and star of the hit reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” from exposing their children to paparazzi.

The two met on a blind date in 1996 and married in 1997, and their two children Mason and Jude were born in 2001 and 2004. The couple’s divorce was finalized in February and they now share custody of their children.

While Kelsey can’t personally tell his ex-wife to stop sharing the details of their past with millions of viewers, Camille’s representative Howard Bragman has said that he believes Kelsey will request the gag order when they head to court.

Despite this, on Saturday Kelsey was captured by gossip website TMZ with Mason and Jude at a steak house in Los Angeles known for its heavy paparazzi presence.

TMZ reported that sources said that Camille was “indignant” over this news.

Representatives for Kelsey did confirm that the actor will be going to court, but would not comment further on what for.

On “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the picture that Camille paints about the couple’s split is not a pretty one and in an interview with TV Guide she launches a new attack on her ex-husband saying,  “I said, ‘what about our kids?’ and he said ‘they’ll get over it.’  He was very cruel. He even said, ‘I feel no remorse.’”

“Of course the show is supposed to show these women’s lives — in season two all of a sudden Camille and Kelsey’s kids are no longer a part of it, and Camille told me that was because Kelsey will no longer grant them permission to be filmed,” Ingela Ratledge, senior editor for TV Guide Magazine said.

In response, representatives for Camille told ABC News, “We will deal with this in court and not the media.”

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