Kim Kardashian’s Doomed Marriage Hits Reality TV Center Stage

VIDEO: Andrea Canning on the season premiere of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York."

Sunday night’s premiere episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” on E! was all about the other “K” in the room, Kris Humphries, and his famously short-lived marriage to the show’s namesake, Kim Kardashian.

Viewers tuning in got a raw and inside glimpse into the now former couple’s doomed union.

“Kris, you don’t treat people like that.  I don’t care how uncomfortable you are, you don’t treat people like that,” Kardashian, 31, scolds her NBA star husband.

“You care about that. I don’t give a f–,” Humphries, 26, tells his reality TV star wife when it comes time to cut the cake at her highly publicized “Welcome to New York” party.

In case anyone had forgotten how it all began, E! opened the episode with news coverage of Kardashian and Humphries’ breakup last month, just 72 days after their multimillion dollar wedding, which the network aired as its own reality special.

Eight weeks later, the pair has returned from a quick honeymoon in Italy to pack for a move to New York, where Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney, are returning to oversee the SoHo outpost of their DASH boutique.

Kim herself called the first days of their marriage “not ideal,” and the series’ first, hour-long episode confirms there was trouble from the beginning.

“She sees him acting totally out of form on the show,” Ian Drew, senior editor for US Weekly magazine told “ Good Morning America.”  “He’s belittling her, belittling her friends, belittling her family, knowing he can go to this level and embarrass her only made her hate him more and only made her more frustrated.”

Adding to the stress were the couple’s unusual living arrangements, especially for newlyweds.

The couple, who had never before lived together, join Kourtney, her boyfriend Scott and their son Mason in a suite at the Gansevoort Park hotel, where Humphries complains about Mason’s loud play area right outside their bedroom, and objects to his wife’s naked yoga practice.

“How rude is it that there is a naked guy in my house when I come home,” Humphries vents to Kim.  “I can’t take it.”

By the end of the episode, Humphries tells Kim he’s going back to Minnesota to train, leading Kim to question their future together already.

“We’re gonna live separate? Like a long-distance marriage?” she asks.

Long distance turned into divorce 72 days later.

A source close to Humphries told “GMA” the rumors the NBA star planned to sue Kim for $10 million over his negative portrayal on the show are false.  But, according to the source, the show is anything but “reality.”

“The show is completely staged, there is nothing real about this reality show,” the source said.  “Kris teased Kim a lot but it was never malicious and he never resented her.  He loved her and still does.”

Kim’s representatives did not return a request for comment, but the star herself took to Twitter before the show to talk about how excited she was for the premiere, and send a pointed message to viewers.

“Celebrating other people’s pain and misfortune will only bring bad things your way,” she wrote in one Tweet.  “Maybe don’t be too quick to judge & tear others apart.”

What lies ahead in the show’s remaining episodes remains to be seen, but it could mean big things for the whole Kardashian clan, which continues to make headlines on everything from the breakup backlash to Kim’s brother Rob’s second-place finish on “Dancing With the Stars” last week.

“It could be the beginning of the end for the Kardashians, or it could just be a rough patch and she’ll [Kim] win everyone back into her affection,” Us Weekly’s Drew told “GMA.”  “Maybe people seeing Kim in that situation with Kris berating will make people go back on her side and understand where she came from.”

–Andrea Canning, ABC News

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