Letterman Helps Bieber With Geography

Justin Bieber may be a globe-trotting superstar, but geography doesn’t appear to be the 17-year-old’s strong suit.

“I have a blast. I get to travel the world,” Bieber told David Letterman while appearing on the late night host’s show Wednesday evening.

In fact, Bieber said  he believed he had been to every continent.

Letterman challenged the Canadian star to name them.

“Asia, North America, South America …” the Biebs rattled off, pausing briefly. “Um, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole.”

A buzzer sounded.

“Come on, you’ve been to both places, I’m sure,” Letterman said.

“Australia!” Bieber replied.

But  Bieber just couldn’t conjure up the name of the continent across the pond, so Letterman gave him a hint: “France.”

“Europe!” Bieber replied.

“Here, you actually learn something,” Letterman told the young star.

Despite an online initiative that sought to send Bieber to Somalia, North Korea or Antarctica, it’s unclear whether the teen has actually visited the southernmost continent.






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