William Shatner On Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey

VIDEO: The actors cautionary tale for people who want to deep-fry on Thanksgiving.

State Farm

Is there anything that William Shatner can’t do?

It seems that deep frying turkeys is one of the “Star Trek” actor’s specialties, and he’s gotten together with State Farm Insurance to produce a video entitled “Eat, Fry, Love” that instructs fellow turkey lovers on the safest way to fry the bird for Thanksgiving.

Actually, Shatner demonstrates everything you shouldn’t do, which results in the superstar briefly setting himself on fire.

Not to worry though. Shatner comes out of the experience wiser, if not a little crispier.

He also want fans to find him on twitter, #ShatnerFryersClub, pleading, “I want to know you plan to keep yourself, your family and me safe from turkey fryer fires.”



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