Claire Danes Was ‘Consumed by Crazy Carrie’

Claire Danes in "Homeland."

On "Homeland" last night, Carrie Mathison ran out of a hospital bed, jumped out of a moving car, and twisted her face into Edvard Munch-like contortions while in the midst of a massive psychotic break.

Which makes it not all that surprising that the actress who plays the bipolar CIA agent, Claire Danes, is happy to have a break from her.

"I finished filming two weeks ago and my identity is sort of starting to return to me," Danes told last week at the New York Women in Film and Television's annual awards ceremony, where she was being honored. "I was fairly consumed by crazy Carrie. But I love her, I admire her, her intelligence and her focus and her drive. But yeah, she's just, she's like on eleven. I am not."

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