Madonna Reportedly 'There' for Her Pal Demi Moore

Madonna and Demi Moore. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.

Madonna knows what it's like to date a much younger man, and what it's like to go through a marriage break-up - which is why she's reportedly reached out to her friend Demi Moore to offer her support.

Sources told  E! Online that after Madonna learned of Moore's recent hospitalization due to stress and exhaustion,  she "told Demi she was there if she needs anything."  The two stars, who both practice Kabbalah, aren't in regular contact but "they're pretty tight," sources told E!.

Most recently, Moore and Madonna were spotted chatting at a pre-Golden Globes party on January 13 at West Hollywood's Soho House.  E! reported that Moore's soon-to-be-ex, Ashton Kutcher, was also present, but gave the actress the cold shoulder.  Prior to being hospitalized, sources told E!, Moore was unsure about attending the Super Bowl to watch Madonna's half time show because she guessed Kutcher would also be there.

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