Bride Lies About Virginity: Should Mormon Husband Still Marry Her?


A young Mormon couple  is in love and soon to be wed.  But the would-be bride has kept a secret that could change their future forever.

"A long time ago … I slept with someone," she says as they sit together in Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon, Utah.

For her fiance, the transgression is too big to overlook.

"Kylee, this is our faith, our beliefs … the wedding's off," he tells her.

What diners witnessing this fraught moment don't know is that the couple are actually actors hired by "What Would You Do?"  The show traveled to Utah to see how people in the conservative state would react to a host of ethical dilemmas, including this one: Will diners defend our fiancée pleading for forgiveness or will they side with her pious partner?

"I would probably call the wedding off," one patron advises.

"I don't blame him," says another.

How will others react to the troubled couple?   

Watch the whole scenario unfold tonight on  "What Would You Do?" at 9 p.m. ET.

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