Cash Lying Outside Bank: Would You Return It?

Cold, hard cash. It's hard to think of a purer, simpler ethical dilemma than the temptation of easy money, just lying there on the ground.

For most people, if the money's rightful owner is clearly not present, the dilemma is easily resolved by "finders keepers." But what if there's an easy way to return the money?

"What Would You Do?" explored this question by dropping a $50 bill attached to a deposit slip and a check outside a bank in Brooklyn, N.Y., and capturing people's reactions on hidden cameras. Did people just take the money and trash the rest? Or did they, like a good Samaritan, take it inside the bank to try to return it to its owner?

Watch a preview below, watch the full scenario on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET and answer the poll below to tell us what you would do!

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