Peyton Manning Leaves Big Tip, Server Fired for Posting Photo


A receipt from Manning's March 2 dinner at the Angus Barn, a restaurant the owner says is frequented by celebrities, went viral after his server posted a picture of it on the Internet.

The bill for $739.58 included an 18-percent gratuity, but Manning added an additional $200, making the tip about 50 percent of the total.

The server, identified only as "Jon" by the receipt, was immediately fired by restaurant owner Van Eure for posting the photo, the owner said.

Eure told the Triangle Business Journal that she was livid when she learned about the picture.

"This goes against every policy we have," Eure said. "It's just horrible.

She said the restaurant has a strict policy that their private dining experiences stay private, and the server violated that privacy.

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