'Get Your Hands Off Her': Customer Defends Drunken Girl

Ali Galante reports:

It's an all too familiar bar scene: drunk girls and aggressive guys.

A "What Would You Do?" actress faces unwelcome advances. (ABC News)

Will patrons of Parrot Eyes, a bar in the spring break hotspot of South Padre Island, Texas, say anything when they see an intoxicated girl approached by a relentless guy?

The scene is this: A girl sits alone at a bar after her friend has turned in for the afternoon. A guy walks in and notices the drunk girl. He sees an opportunity.

"You're a sexy girl. You want to get out of here?" asks the guy.

"Dude, just leave her alone, she doesn't want to go with you," says a nearby patron.

What Parrot Eye's patrons don't know is that the sloppy spring breaker is an actress and so is her creepy companion, hired by "What Would You Do?" But not everyone is as quick to come to our drunk girl's defense. During this scenario, we encountered some shocking surprises…

Watch the reactions and scenario play out Friday on "What Would You Do?" at 9 p.m. ET.

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