Would You Stop a Lottery Scam? Most Didn't

Last week's record Mega Millions jackpot had hundreds of millions of people dreaming of a life-changing win. But even smaller lotto wins can mean a lot in tough times.

"What Would You Do?" decided to see what would happen when liquor store customers witnessed a crooked clerk trying to cheat a lotto winner out of hundreds of dollars. We hired an actor to play the clerk at Zap Wine and Liquors in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.

In a scenario staged more than 20 times, our clerk, Ross, scanned a winning lotto ticket while its owner was away. Bystanders were alerted to the fact that the ticket was a winner by the lotto machine's telltale jingle, but when the lotto ticket owner - alternately played by two actresses, Carla and Traci - returned, Ross told her that the ticket was a bust.

More than half the time, store customers did not alert our ticket owner that Ross was lying. But some did speak up. Watch one former police officer's reaction below and see the whole scenario play out on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

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