'American Idol' Reject Skylar Laine On Who Can Win

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It's down to the wire on "American Idol" tonight, as the final four - Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez - compete to get one step closer to the season 11 crown, and according to Skylar Laine, who was voted off last week, any of the four could win the title.

The remaining finalists will sing songs by California artists, and also "Songs They Wish They Had Written." Explaining why Jessica Sanchez could win, Skylar tells ABC News Radio, "I mean, listen to the voice! It's just…her voice is mesmerizing, and she's got that pop sound, that R&B sound that's great, and, you know, everybody loves her 'cause that voice is just impeccable."

As for Hollie, who along with Joshua was her best friend on the show, Sklyar gushes, "Her vibrato is amazing, and she's just an incredible singer."  She adds, "Hollie's [version of Celine Dion's] song 'Power of Love' is third most played on my iPod, I'm telling you right now!"

But what about the boys?  Skylar raves, "Josh, of course, he's from another planet.  He's not of this world.  And Phillip is so original and he's just….he is 'him,' and I love that about him." She says all four "have great qualities and "each one would be a great American Idol."

In addition, the country singer from Mississippi says that all four really want the title.  "Yeah, they're all really fighting for it," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I mean, I fought for it and I got fifth. I think fifth's pretty good!  I'm happy with fifth and I'm gonna be happy seeing the rest of the season, see what pans out."

By the way, despite Ryan Seacrest's attempts to make it seem as though Skylar and Colton Dixon were dating, she tells ABC News Radio that she doesn't have a boyfriend - but she has two in mind.

"Tim Tebow needs to take me on a date!" she laughs.  When asked where, exactly, she would like Mr. Tebow to take her on this date, she replied, "Tim Tebow can take me wherever he wants to!"

But Tebow isn't the only hunky athlete Skylar has her eye on.  Mentioning a certain young Washington Nationals phenom, she says, "Bryce Harper - he can take me on a date, too!"

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