Brangelina, Beyonce and Jay-Z, or Bundchen and Brady: Who's the Top Power Couple on Forbes Celebrity 100?

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Forbes just released its yearly list of the 100 most influential celebrities, and the results might surprise.

The top spot - in a list containing Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg - went to Jennifer Lopez.

It was power to the pop stars, with six of the top 10 spots being grabbed by singers - teen idol Justin Bieber landed at number three.

The dark horses included Ray Romano, who doesn't currently have a show on the air but rakes it in from reruns. There were some newcomers, like electronic music maestro Skrillex, and a lot of comedians and comedic actors made the list, among them: Ben Stiller, Larry the Cable Guy, Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy.

The list - which Forbes says reflect money, publicity and social media buzz - also includes three couples: Angelina Jolie (13) and Brad Pitt (28), Beyonce Knowles (16) and Jay-Z (38), and Gisele Bundchen (61) and Tom Brady (60).

So which is the prime pair?

  • This year Jolie released her directorial debut with "In the Land of Blood and Honey," her legs nearly stole the show at the Oscars. While her new fiancé was nominated for his role in "Moneyball," their impending marriage is attracting immense buzz.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby buzz wasn't exactly tiny. Their combined power was enough to shut down a whole maternity ward - and they even trademarked Blue Ivy's name.
  • Bundchen is ubiquitous as the world's top supermodel, plus she inflamed New England Patriots fans when she lashed out at hubby Tom Brady's teammates after their Super Bowl loss.

If you add the individual rankings to form a crude combined ranking of these supercouples, Brangelina wins (41), with Beyonce and Jay-Z coming in second (54) and Gisele and Tom in third (121).

But some might say publicity is nebulous, and social media buzz is mere hype that doesn't really mean much yet to those outside Silicon Valley and New York City. That leaves cold, hard cash - which Forbes estimates in a column showing each celebrity's yearly earnings.

Accolades and bridal buzz aside, the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt (or Pitt, or Pitt-Jolie, or whatever) pulled in $45 million.

Between Gisele's fashion empire and Brady's football throwing - not catching - prowess, Bundchen and Brady manage an upset, coming in number two with $72 million.

But Beyonce and Jay-Z topped them both, racking up $78 million ways to make sure Baby-Z never has to worry about a thing.

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