Masseurs Sue John Travolta, Claim Sexual Abuse

Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images.

A second masseur has reportedly filed another $2 million lawsuit against John Travolta claiming that the actor attempted to have sex with him during a massage session.

In the complaint, one masseur, identified only as John Doe, alleges that Travolta touched his private parts and apologized, but then floated the idea of having sex with the masseur and as well as the two of them having sex with a "Hollywood starlet in the building that wanted to have three-way sex."

When the masseur refused to engage in sexual acts, the lawsuit claims Travolta became verbally abusive and went on a rant saying "Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity." According to the lawsuit, Travolta claimed that he furthered his career this way during his "Welcome Back, Kotter" days.

Travolta's publicist released a statement in response to the lawsuit, calling it "complete fiction and fabrication" and saying Travolta wasn't even in the same state as the masseur on the day in question.

The second anonymous male plaintiff, also represented by the same lawyer as the first suit,  Okorie Okorocha, of Pasadena, accuses Travolta of improper behavior during a massage session at an Atlanta-area resort, according to papers posted online by Radar.

"This second 'anonymous' claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one," Singer told the Associated Press, adding it was clear the lawyer involved had filed the new lawsuit after the date problem with the first one was pointed out.

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