Phillip Phillips' Kidney Surgery Reportedly Postponed

VIDEO: American Idol winner Phillip Phillips tells Kelly Ripa hell undergo kidney surgery.

Michael Becker/FOX

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips was in pain for much of the competition, even disregarding doctor's orders to immediately seek help for a condition that affected his right kidney. On Tuesday the singer was scheduled to go in for surgery to address the congenital condition but, TMZ reports it has been postponed because the new idol has a sinus infection. An "Idol" executive has opened his California estate to Phillips and his parents as a place for the singer to recuperate post-surgery.

Phillips has already endured eight surgeries during "Idol" for the condition that causes kidney stones to repeatedly grow so large that they cannot pass through his system. As a temporary fix, seven weeks ago doctors inserted a stent in Phillips' kidney, but the often-unbearable pain persisted. At one point, Phillips told People magazine he even considered quitting the competition because of his health issue.

Fans can expect Phillips' "American Idol" victory lap to be delayed for up to six weeks while the singer recovers from the surgery. While he recuperates, Phillips and his parents will stay in the posh Malibu, CA, residence of the "Idol" executive.

In other "American Idol" news, on Sunday PBS aired the National Memorial Day concert performances of "Idol" runner-up Jessica Sanchez and Daughtry from Washington, D.C.

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