Step on a Scale, Get Into a Nightclub?

ABC News' Ali Galante reports:

It's Friday night and GLO Nightclub is Westbury, Long Island's go-to destination.

Inside the club the DJ's spinning, lights are flashing and friends enjoy a night of dancing.  But outside GLO is a different story.  To get inside, club goers must be slender enough to pass muster with the two strict doormen managing the velvet rope.

"You don't seem to understand, I'm here to make this place classy.  You are not classy," one of the doormen, Yuval, tells two girlfriends.

His words are offensive and the insults get worse.  But when Yuval calls one of the girls fat, another club goer has heard enough.

"That's just out of line.  She's a very pretty girl.  You kidding me?" says a shocked man.

But Yuval is serious and brings out a scale to take things even further.  The girls are beside themselves.

"She needs to prove that she's model material," Yuval says.

Andrew Young is in disbelief.  "You're going to have a girl step on a scale to go in and drink in a club?  If I'm being pranked right now, this is a great prank."

It's not a prank.  It's "What Would You Do?" and the doormen and two girls are just actors.  Not everyone, however, finds Yuval's demands surprising.

"This is New York," one man says before another adds, "Some clubs are even rougher."

Watch the full scenario play out on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

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