'Mr. Ugly' Wants to Be a Model

Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP Photo

William Masvinu may carry the title "Mr. Ugly," but don't call him ugly.

The 38-year-old Zimbabwean man is a lesson for anyone worried about their looks, or lack thereof.

"My face makes me special and I am not making any excuses about it," he said after recently beating out four other men to win the title, according to the Associated Press.

Now Masvinu, who makes his living carrying loads for shoppers at a market, says he wants to be a model.

"I am ready to show the world my gift," he said. "Being ugly is not a curse. It's a gift God gave me and I'm proud of it."

While he's full of ambition, Masvinu, who pocketed $100 in cash and a night at a hotel for his win, has one major hindrance to his fulfilling his dream: model agencies are not banging on his door.

"I was expecting to do some adverts and some modeling if I was asked," he said. "But I'm still poor, still carrying loads of cabbages onto buses."

The AP reports pageant organizers put together the contest to provide some alternative entertainment in the impoverished nation.

Masvinu says his lack of modeling contracts is not the first time his smiling face, said to appear like he's in pain or crying, has held him back.

"Whenever employers open the door and see me, they go, `Ahh,' and shut it," he said.

So what's left for Masvinu? A wife who finds him cheerful, kind and funny and whom, Masvinu concludes, will never leave him.

"She knows she has no competition," Masvinu said of his wife, Alice.

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