'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Two Eliminated as Super Fans Join Former 'Bachelor' Franchise Hopefuls

The third season of ABC's "Bachelor Pad" debuted Monday with five "super fans" joining 15 memorable characters from previous seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" at the mansion. Two of those fans failed to make it past the first rose ceremony. The contestants are competing for love and a $250,000 top prize.

The five fans were selected after submitting videos expressing their desire to hang with former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" hopefuls. The fans include Paige Vigil, who admitted she'd be "star struck" if she met her "Bachelor" idols; SWAT team officer Chris Bain, who is "looking for real love;" Donna Zitelli, who is into "hot boys and money"; and David Mallet, who has a expressed a desire to hook up with former Bachelor reject Lindzi Cox.

The fifth fan is actually two people. Blonde twins Brittany and Erica Taltos will count as one contestant, and will take turns in "Bachelor Pad" competitions.

All of the contestants got a chance to mix and mingle at the mansion, where old friends and enemies rekindled their relationships. "Bachelor Pad" Season 2 veteran Erica Rose had dished some dirt about former "Bachelorette" "villain" Kalon McMahon in the tabloids, which caused immediate tension when they met. Meanwhile, Jaclyn Swartz made no attempt to hide her contempt for fellow "Bachelor" Season 16 hopeful Blakeley Jones.

In the first competition, the "Bachelor Pad" residents were directed to pick partners for a challenge that involved sitting in pairs inside giant love hearts that were suspended in the air and slowly tilted. The couple who managed not to "fall from love" would be declared the winners. To everyone's surprise, super fans David and blonde twin Brittany held on the longest. David, Brittany and her twin sister Erica went on a date entitled, "love on the boardwalk," which included fairground rides and skinny-dipping. They also won immunity from elimination at the rose ceremony.

Other dramatic scenes included:

- Ed Swiderski got very drunk and took off all of his clothes during the welcoming party.

- Blakeley burst in on Chris Bukowski and Jamie Otis as they kissed in the dark. Blakeley told Jamie she should watch her back.

- David, who had immunity, told Erica Rose he would be voting her off as part of his game-plan, which prompted her to call him an "ugly loser."

- Chris "SWAT" tried to influence the voting and avoid elimination by persuading past "Bachelorettes" to keep him around.

- Super fan Paige picked up mixed signals from Reid Rosenthal and did not know if she should totally trust him. Meanwhile, Mike Stagliano was confident that Paige would be out.

- Kalon cast his vote against Erica Rose, as the pair continued their feud.

Immunity recipients David, Brittany and Erica Taltos presided over the rose ceremony. Super fans Chris "SWAT" and Paige failed to get a rose and were sent home.

"Bachelor Pad" returns to ABC on Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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