Octomom Strips at Florida Club

VIDEO: Mother of 14 to bare all at Miami strip club.

Rex Features via AP Images

Nadya Suleman ignored a pending lawsuit Friday and made her debut as a stripper at the Playhouse South gentlemen's club in Hallandale, Florida.

Suleman, 37, the so-called "Octomom," donned a naughty schoolgirl outfit, complete with pigtails, and an "Eyes Wide Shut"-inspired black dominatrix outfit for her show, the New York Daily News reports.

The mother of 14 is being sued by the owner of the rival T's Lounge in West Palm Beach. The owner claims Suleman signed a contract to perform exclusively there.

Suleman's attorney Jeff Czech did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A fellow stripper said of the Octomom's performance Friday, "She's really stiff," telling the Miami Herald, "Oh my God, she can't dance. But it's good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night…."

According to the Herald, the Playhouse gentlemen's club attracted some 400 people hoping to catch Suleman's act. The newspaper reports the Octomom had trouble at times shedding her clothes one by one, and at one point, a fellow stripper had to help Suleman remove her gloves.

A source at the club tells the Herald Suleman was paid $5,000 for two 12-minute sets. She also received tips and sold autographed photos for $10. People who paid $25 got to pose for a photo with Suleman, who made headlines in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets.

Others purchased T-shirts that read, "I saw Octomom naked at the Playhouse South."

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