Dance Yourself Skinny With Louis Van Amstel

"Dancing with the Stars" is a place where celebrities go to strut, shimmy and shake off the pounds. It's not just a competition, but also a lifestyle change.

"When you dance, you feel good. And when you feel good, you want to dance more," explained Louis van Amstel, a professional dancer from "Dancing with the Stars" for eight seasons.

Everyone who goes on "Dancing with the Stars" say they leave looking and feeling like an entirely different person.

"That's the best way of fitness because it's dancing and you don't know you're working out," van Amstel said.

Van Amstel's new workout " LaBlast" is a dance fitness program he calls a "workout in disguise."

Derived from DWTS, it teaches you the moves you need to know to dance yourself skinny. As the host, instructor, producer and creator of the DVDs, van Amstel is excited to be able to reach out to people who want to learn to dance while getting a workout in the comfort of their own home, completely partner-free. However, if you prefer working out with others, Crunch gym also offers "LaBlast" classes.

"LaBlast" features many dance styles, all created around a wide range of music genres that makes for a unique workout experience.

Take a look at these celebrities who danced off the pounds.

Marie Osmond:

Marie Osmond snagged third place on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007. She lost 30 pounds.

Nancy Grace:

In 2011, legal analyst Nancy Grace shook her tail feather and shed 25 pounds.

Kyle Massey:

Kyle Massey tootsie-rolled his way into the final three in 2010 and could be coming back for season 15 this September. Massey lost a total of eight inches around the waist.

Kelly Osbourne:

Kelly Osbourne was a partner of van Amstel's on the show, and had one of the most noticeable transformations. Osbourne lost more than 50 pounds.

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