Joy Behar Promises No Casey Anthony, No Michael Jackson on New Show

Credit: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

Primetime, get ready for Joy Behar 2.0. The "View" co-host launches her second solo show, "Joy Behar: Say Anything!," Sept. 4 on Current TV, and she plans to set herself apart from the army of cable news talking heads thusly:

"I can promise you the words 'Casey Anthony' will not come up," she told reporters in a conference call Tuesday. "We will not be asking how much propofol was in Michael Jackson. Those are the questions we will not be asking."

Behar's primetime talk show on HLN was canceled last year, despite high ratings. Though her new show faces a smaller audience at Current, she plans to do things she couldn't at the CNN sister network, like a segment called "Holy Rollers" in which she'll have a priest, a rabbi and an imam discuss the news of the day.

"I like this network a lot," Behar said of Current. "I like the fact that they told me I could say anything. I can talk about politics. I want people to weigh in on the conventions and the next election."

And perhaps the former English teacher turned comedian will escape the fate she faced at HLN with "Say Anything's!" first guest: her boss, former presidential candidate Al Gore, who launched Current TV in 2005.

"I really want to talk to him about voter suppression that's going on in some states," she said, "how the extreme right wing is trying to steal the vote."

Behar hopes to get dream guests, like director Mel Brooks and President Obama, to open up by promising zero censorship and "pretending we're not on the air." But she's using a different tactic for Gore, whose name has often been found in the vicinity of "bore": "In addition to being a comedian," she said, "I am also a magician."

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